What is a Two-Speed Planetary Gearbox?

Two-speed gearbox is modular transmission component. This modular set consist in a set of planetary gears and some clutches with pneumatic/hydraulic driving cylinder. It is able to connect the servo-motor to the spindle in a limited space, achieving wider speed and torque and more efficient torque.

Under its specified power and working efficiency, a machine tool must be universal for various material cutting, not only to cut a precision part under high speed and low torque, also to make rough or semi-rough cutting with low speed and high torque.

This standard transmission component is specially used for various kinds of machine tools, also for testing benches and applications where high torque is needed.

What to consider to choose a PG?

There are currently three main types available. According to the spindle torque, speed and power output requirements, the user can choose the appropriate two-speed planetary gearbox type.

This two-speed planetary gearbox is connected to the motor in a direct connection way, and its output shaft is connected to the spindle in two alternative ways: belt drive or direct drive

direct connection way


Direct Connection Way CRT-250

belt connection way

Belt Connection Way CRT-100

Compact, light and simple

Our Product


inner structure


As a standard modular component on machine tool, Our two speed planetary gearbox has less parts and more balanced clutch movement, and uses high-strength aluminium alloy as a shell of component, so that its structure is more compact, more reliable and lighter.


The CRT-GEARBOX presents a maximum vibration value of 1mm/s and use a Hydraulic/Pneumatic shifting mechanism (with a pressure of shifting between 0.3-0.5 Mpa). For his correct running we recommend to use a cyclic lubrication of 68#Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil and replacement each 6 months.


Size: 240x200x335

Weight: 27 Kg.

Supply Voltage: 10-30 V


Size: Φ200×335

Weight: 30 Kg.

Supply Voltage: 10-30 V


Size: Φ250×420

Weight: 40 Kg.

Supply Voltage: 10-30 V

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